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    Where to purchase a traditional qipao dress on line?

    The traditional Chinese apparel cheongsam (also Called qipao) is the representation of contemporary 20th-century Chinese women. Before qipao rose to popularity, Chinese women were educated to wrap their bodies tightly to discourage their feminine figures from revealing too much. On the other hand, the close-fitting of this qipao liberated the Chinese girls and they embraced their femininity proudly. This dress was hand-painted and embroidered by the tailors based on the requirement of the client. The tight-fitting of apparel neatly outlined the figures of the women, beautifully bringing out the femininity and curves of their bodies. The whole dress was made from one cloth and tied at the nape of the neck with the help of a button. The collar of the qipao (cheongsam) is straight, however, it may be converted into a turtleneck.

    The younger generation of China is Making efforts to introduce their beautiful classic dress into the entire world, Which was abandoned during the communist era in China. Fashion weeks in Shanghai are dedicated to the Chinese classic dress. Modern qipao is worn By the models. Designers add western elements to the traditional dress so that It grows more appealing for everybody on earth. A modern qipao is much Shorter than the early variant since Chinese women, now, are forward and open-minded. Such dresses are often backless to provide them a more contemporary and Sexy look. The contemporary chinese dress sports that the Same intricate embroidery of different floral and bird patterns.

    The fabric Used is generally classic silk and brocade since elegance is achieved by Employing these materials. Jade and agate buttons can also be used for the collar to Create the dress more glamorous and innovative. If you are a lover of Chinese Style, you can purchase a customized qipao from Shanghai. If You’re hosting A Chinese wedding, you can buy a bright reddish, knee-length qipao manufactured from Brocade or silk.

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