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India has always been apathetic towards disabled persons.But, the demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 and replacement of them with a new currency has led to the their development.
The new notes issued vary largely in length and are embedded with lot of features that will enable the visually impaired people to recognize the denomination easily.

Moving towards the accessibility of ATMs ,it has been surveyed that only 50 of over two lakh ATMs installed all over the country are accessible by disabled persons.There is a need to make each and every ATM to be accessible by disabled community.
Also,whether ATMs which have been installed are deployed with voice recognition to help the visually impaired people or whether their doors are wide enough to enable wheel chair person to enter the ATM room.All these issues were discussed while printing the new currency notes.
When an individual with hearing problem enters the branch,then no one in the branch trained enough to understand their sign language and prefer writing.So, there is a foremost need to train the staff of the Bank so that each branch should be equipped with one employee to attend the hearing impaired individual.
The report issued by World Bank estimates that 15% of the world population comprises of impaired people and the exclusion of them from labour market will lead to a loss of around 3-4% which can’t be ignored.
The 2 main features of Right to person with Disabilities bill that needs to be implemented are as follows
1) Accessibility and that too in a right time frame
2) Reservation should be increased from 3% to 4% .This 1% increase will include the people suffering from marginal Disabilities and mental illness.

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